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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

As I support people in their journey to get hired & settled in Europe, I receive lots of queries, answers to which I want to share with everyone seeking to move abroad.

General FAQ's

In 2021 no appointment slots are available for Job Seeker Visa. Embassy is not granting JSV's currentlly.

Applying Job from India is better as job market has opened up. JSV appoinment slots are not available.

You just have to pay the embassy fees for your home country that will be around 75 to 100 Euro once you have a job offer in your hand.

Dependants can travel along. You will have to apply family re-union Visa along. You can opt for my work visa service later once you have a job offer in hand where I will guide you through the complete process.

Career Design Academy, Work Visa Support


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To land a job in Europe you have to learn from the mistakes that every student of mine and I made, learn from the perfectly crafted SYSTEM in my academy, which is constantly updated. Fix your errors, get set on the right track to getting hired in your dream job ASAP. You can enroll for Career Design Academy & take a step froward to your success.

You can click here for details about Career Designing Academy.

You will get 1 Year Access to all our material you can always come back to the formation or complete it at a later point of time, whenever it suits you the best. You do not have to rush through the formation,as you can really take your time to benefit from the KnowHow the most.

The course material is provided in an easy-to-follow English.

Yes, you will have access for 1 year.