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Why Mock Interview

A mock interview allows you to test out your skills and practice answering potential questions. It’s like a practice run that helps you feel more at ease when the actual interview comes around. There are differences between global job interviews and those in India.
  • Global Job Interviews
  • Indian Job Interviews
Comparison Chart Global Job InterviewsIndian Job Interviews
Comparison Chart
CultureAssertive, directRespectful, indirect
FormatBehavioral, Cultural fit, TechnicalTechnical, academic
Hierarchy/FormalityEgalitarian, less formalHierarchical, formal
Salary NegotiationOccurs later, more flexibleEarlier, Negotiable
SensitivityDiverse backgroundsRegional traditions
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What you will Get?

We have a two-part practice interview setup that’s just like the real deal. It’s a great chance for you to get better at interviews in a setting that feels real.
Get one-on-one guidance from our expert career coaches to fine-tune how you do things. They’ll give you feedback based on how you’re doing, pointing out what you’re good at and where you can get better.

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What's included in the Mock Interview bundle?

Your journey begins with a mock interview, like a phone screening or zoom call. It helps you make a good first impression. You’ll answer questions about your background and skills.
  • Guage how you are doing in screening interview.
  • Where you are going wrong & where you are going right.
  • What should you do to fix your mistakes.
  • Learn how to improve powerful 2 mins intro to connect in the start.
Once you’ve nailed the basics in the first interview, get ready for a tougher round. It’s like a deep dive into your experiences and how you solve problems. You’ll tackle questions about real-life challenges you’ve faced and how you’d handle tricky situations. This part helps prep you for the tougher questions you’ll face in actual job interviews.
  • Guage how you are doing in behavioural interview.
  • Get to know level of your stories.
  • How to improve n your stories.
  • Improvise your behavioural interview answers.
We provide feedback on various aspects of your interview, ensuring a comprehensive assessment. Here’s the structure of our feedback:
You will be evaluated on every part of your interview to give you a complete picture of your performance. This includes how you answer questions about your past experiences, your body language like eye contact and posture, and how clearly you communicate. Our goal is to help you understand what you’re good at and where you can improve, so you can feel more confident and keep growing.

What Outcome You Get?

Knowing what to expect in interviews makes you feel more sure of yourself. Extensive Practice helps you feel ready for any interview, making you less nervous and more confident.
You will get to know your weaknesses or areas where you may not perform as well as you’d like, and then take steps to enhance your skills or abilities by improving them through practice and learning.
We help you improve your chances of moving forward in interviews and getting job offers. By enhancing your communication and critical thinking skills, we set you up for success. With more job offers, you get to choose the career path that’s right for you.

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