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Career Coach & Strategist

I am Sandeep Khaira, having total industry experience of 15 years. Alongside, I am working as career coach for past 7 years, since I moved to Germany in 2014.

I have worked in software industry in multiple profiles such as payment expert, business analyst & system analyst, & I have been very much successful during my career. In 2012, I was intrigued to see many of my peers were planning to move abroad, so I started researching in that direction. At that time, I realized moving abroad is something interesting to explore, experience & learn on top of great lifestyle, personal & professional growth. 

So finally, I came across Job Search for Germany, after my research I applied & I couldn’t believe everything worked out so well that I got my job in hand within 5 months after I started preparing my application documents. I booked my air tickets for a date after 2 months & landed here in Munich in June 2014. 

Started searching for a new job after settling in my little temporary shared apartment. And after so many CV & cover letter revisions, applications & multiple rounds of interviews with many companies, I had two offers in hand within a period of 2 months! At the end, I got my Blue card, on my birth day itself after spending half of my birth day in KVR Munich, it was my best day, ever since I moved to Germany! Afterwards, I joined my job & started working here.

My acquaintances started asking for the support & guidance, by the time my new journey started here in new job. Over next months, I helped few people to prepare their applications, move to Germany & finally guided them to land jobs! All of them got hired & settled over time. 

I continued helping people in their move over the next year. By that time, it was obvious to me that I am also enjoying with their journey & move. So I took it as my second profession, registered my company in Jan 2016 & started providing career support, find a job in Germany & EU, career transition. As a project manager, I used coaching techniques early in my career to develop high performing teams. I am dedicated to helping people find their path. It does not matter if you are an established leader or new to the world of work, one of my passions is helping you develop. I believe each person is resourceful and has what they need inside themselves. Working with me will help you discover that!

In Dec 2018, one day I just picked up my camera, shot my first video & published on YouTube (YouTube/c/conicaleducation), though video was very raw, to my surprise a great number of people loved it. It gave me a new direction to take my second profession to. With a couple of my personal & professional challenges in 2019 & 2020, I continued on my journey & now getting a lot of love from my YouTube family. I am still pursuing my journey with all of you guys!

Wish you all luck & looking forward to your support to reach my destination too!

Loving regards!